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Don’t let your tyres get you tired

As all professional drivers know, van tyres lead a hard life. Which makes it particularly important that operators check the condition of tyres on their vehicles for signs of damage and premature or uneven wear. If they’re not checked on a regular basis, they could let you down – with a bump. And that could mean serious injury for the driver and other road users.

Results from VOSA spot checks on light goods vehicles illustrates that the number of defective and illegal van tyres is on the increase. According to VOSA the incidence rate has increased from 20% in 2007/08 to just under 26% in 2009/10.

All of which makes your daily walk-round check even more important. Checking your tyres must be a regular part of it. If you want a quick refresher course on what you should be looking for, then Driver Hire has a useful ‘Daily Walk Round Check’ poster which we can supply free of charge. Simply contact our Marketing Department on 0844 846 0074 to request one.

You’ll find more detailed information on tyre safety on the ‘Tyresafe’ website at


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