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Cheers and 'Booze'

Drinking and driving don’t mix. So if you’re watching the footie at your local with some friends, arrange a designated driver or, even better, walk home.

But did you know that the alcohol you consume could still be in your system the following morning? Calculating how long alcohol will take to clear your system depends on a whole range of factors and varies from person to person. However a useful rule of thumb is that it takes about an hour for every unit of alcohol you consume to completely clear your system.

So, drowning your sorrows as the match goes into a penalty shootout could lead to more misery the morning after. According to an article on the BBC website there are 2.3 units of alcohol in a pint of average strength beer (3.5% proof). That means that a few pints during the match could leave you still over the limit the following morning – even if you’re feeling perfectly chipper.

If the recently proposed reduction in the legal limit does come into force, this becomes even more likely. A positive breathalyser test means an automatic loss of licence, a possible fine and, in a worst case scenario, prison. And regardless of the legal limit, the only way to be totally safe is to have no alcohol at all in your system.

So the message is, always stick to sensible drinking and know when to stop, particularly if you’re getting behind the wheel the following morning.

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