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Baz's Record Breaking Run

Barry (Baz) Mitchell has just clocked up a 21 year stint working for three Driver Hire offices: Burton, Derby and Nottingham.

His 21 years with Driver Hire is possibly a record in the world of temping where, by its very nature, workers are constantly moving on. During his time with Driver Hire, Baz, who drives 7.5 tonne vehicles, has worked on a wide variety of jobs for local businesses.
In fact, that’s the reason why Baz – who’s now 67 – has stayed with Driver Hire well past his official retirement age. “I don’t want to be stuck working for the same company, driving the same routes. With Driver Hire every day is a new job, new faces and a new journey. It’s the variety that keeps me coming back for more. And of course, agency work means that if I don’t want to work, I can always say no!”

As a reward for his efforts, Baz received a luxury hamper full of goodies. In addition,
to ensure Baz doesn’t miss out on more work, the three offices he works for clubbed together to pay for his Driver CPC training. He also became Driver Hire’s first ‘hero’
(see separate story).

Well deserved. To the best of our knowledge, Baz Mitchell is our longest serving driver. Of course, if you can beat Baz’s 21 year record then we’d like to hear from you.

Simply send an email to:
or call us on 01274 361074.
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