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A Prime Visitor

Trainees on one of Driver Hire’s recent Saturday morning Driver CPC courses in Oxford had an unexpected visitor.
The rigours of Health & Safety and road transport legislation were briefly forgotten when Prime Minister David Cameron popped his head round the door. He quickly recognised one of his constituents, owner driver, Jonathan Betts, and joined the group to find out what they were doing.

Whilst Mr Cameron’s visit was strictly unofficial – even the PM gets the occasional Saturday off – he was more than happy to undergo a brief Prime Minister’s Question Time during the next coffee break. He fielded questions on a number of road transport issues, in particular; why foreign lorries aren’t charged for driving into
Central London.

Jonathan had a few questions for Mr Cameron too. However he decided to leave the PM in peace. “I think the number of things on my list might have meant we exceeded the seven hours we’d allowed for the course – and I don’t think the rest of the room wanted to do any Saturday overtime!”

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