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A Licence Worth Keeping

Where does time go? It’s hard to believe that there’s now less than two years left to complete your Driver CPC training. The qualification was introduced for LGV drivers in 2009, and gave them a 2014 deadline for completion of the initial 35 hours’ training required to earn their blue Driver Qualification Card (DQC). Are you well on your way, or are you one of the many thousands of LGV drivers who haven’t yet made a start?
There are many reasons why completing your Driver CPC training makes sense. Come September 2014, if you haven’t got your DQC, then you’ll no longer be able to drive professionally.
For the past year, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s ‘Monthly Report on Jobs’ has listed LGV drivers as a key job skill in short supply. So one thing is for sure – if you keep up-to-date with your training, you’re not going to be short of work.
Thousands of LGV drivers have already obtained their DQC, and over 23,000 have undertaken Driver CPC training at one of Driver Hire’s 83 training locations
nationwide. What’s more, they continue to give our training a very enthusiastic thumbs-up, with 94% agreeing that they found it both relevant and useful.
So if you want to continue making the most of your LGV licence, then completing your Driver CPC has to be a priority. Fortunately, with Driver Hire it couldn’t be easier.
Simply contact your local office, visit or call our training hotline on 0808 178 9977 to find out more.
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