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Planning your deliveries during the Games

     planning your deliveries ahead of the Olympics

The Games will present both opportunities and challenges for your business deliveries, collections and servicing activity.

There is information available on where temporary changes to the road network will be made and operating restrictions, as well as ‘freight top tips’  such as reducing the number of deliveries where possible or re-routing deliveries.

Planning your travel during the Games

Avoid travel ‘hotspots’
Click here for helpful information on how to plan your travel in advance - wherever you’re based - so you can avoid the travel ‘hotspots’ during the Games.

You can also follow @GAOTG Twitter to receive tips, updates and advice on travel to make your journey easier.

Keeping your business moving

There is plenty of useful travel advice for businesses to help them ‘keep on moving’ during the Games.

Online planning tool

You can use this online planning tool  to plan your (and your employee’s) commute to work during the Games. 

are you prepared for the Olympics?
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