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The 4 R's

Reduce, Retime, Reroute, Revise Mode

If you want to be sure that your operations will run as smoothly as possible during the Games, Transport for London have developed the “4 Rs” principle.

• Reduce the number of vehicles handling your deliveries during the Games
   - pre-order non-perishable goods, work with neighbouring businesses etc

• Retime. Work with your suppliers to change delivery/collection times
    - avoid peak times, make out-of-hours deliveries wherever possible

• Reroute.
You may be able to avoid disruption by
   using a different route - be aware of any changes to
   the road network in your area

• Revise Mode. It may be possible to modify the
  mode of transport required for collections and
  deliveries - or even the type of delivery itself

plan your deliveries during London 2012
Putting the 4 R's into Practice
- Examples of how to plan ahead and how Driver Hire can help
 - Changes to the London road network might mean that making your deliveries during the Olympics will be easier using two 7.5 tonne vehicles, where ordinarily you would use one Cat. C+E (Class 1) vehicle.
- 'Games Lanes' will generally operate from 6am - Midnight, so if you decide to make nighttime deliveries to avoid the busy daytime traffic, you may need extra drivers to achieve your delivery targets in a shorter period of time.
- Doing more deliveries ahead of the Games to reduce the number you have to make during the actual event may mean you have a peak in activity.
Driver Hire can provide any extra staff you may need to cover a busy period either before or during the Olympics - ensuring all your deliveries and collections are completed on time and your business operations continue running smoothly.
With over 20 Driver Hire offices in London and the South East alone, you can always speak with someone local to you to get more helpful and practical advice on how to plan ahead for London 2012. 
To find contact details for your local office click here.



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