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Olympics 2012

Planning your travel and deliveries during the London Olympics and Paralympics 2012
London 2012 Olympics      
The Olympics and Paralympic Games are coming, and believe it or not, will be the biggest peacetime logistics operation in history.

There will be nearly 18,000 athletes, representing 203 countries, and millions of spectators coming together in Central London and around the UK this summer.
The impact on anyone involved in the logistics  industry in the capital will be immense, but the ripple effect will spread out across the whole of the UK.
The Olympics and Paralympics are something to celebrate – but you need to be prepared for them too. There will be the ‘Olympic Route Network’, road closures, parking restrictions, rescheduled deliveries and more to contend with.
Driver Hire has put considerable work into planning for this summer’s events, which also include the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
Recognising the impact these events may have on your business operations, we have introduced our Fair Pricing Policy, demonstrating our focus on providing a great service and value for money will remain unchanged.

If you would like some help with your own plans, please contact your local Driver Hire office.
In the meantime, see the buttons below for some helpful tips to begin with.
Driver Hire - London Olympics 2012
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