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Driver CPC - What You Need To Know

The Driver CPC is for professional
LGV and PCV drivers.
It is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of drivers, and enhance safety on our roads. It gives LGV and PCV drivers a recognised professional qualification. It was introduced as a requirement of EU Directive 2003/59. For LGV drivers its training requirements came into effect on 10 September 2009.
Does Driver CPC affect me?
There are a small number of exemptions but basically, the Driver CPC is now a requirement for all professional drivers. If you drive a commercial vehicle used ‘for hire and reward’, you must comply with the new rules.

New LGV drivers gaining a category C, C1, C+E or C1+E licence now have to obtain the initial Driver CPC in addition to their licence to drive professionally. They are then required to undertake 35 hours of ‘periodic training’ every five years.

Existing drivers benefit from ‘acquired rights’ and do not have to take a fresh test. However, they are also obliged to undertake 35 hours of ‘periodic training’ to keep their Driver CPC valid. For these LGV drivers, this training must be completed in the first instance by September 2014.

Don’t put it off!
It makes sense to start getting qualified as soon as possible. Why?

You’ll learn new skills and be a better driver as a result
You’ll be more attractive to potential employers
Course availability and cost is likely to riseas the deadline approaches
What do I have to do?
Step 1 Decide how you want to do your 35 hours of training. This is up to you, but you must complete at least 7 hours at any one time. The best way is probably to complete one day (7 hours) each year, as this will spread both the cost and time

Step 2 Ask your employer if they can help you gain your Driver CPC qualification

Step 3 Book yourself a place on a JAUPT-approved Driver CPC training course. There are hundreds of providers around the UK. You won’t have to take a test – successful completion of the course is based on attendance

Step 4 Apply for your Driver CPC qualification card once you’ve completed your 35 hours. You must carry your card at all times whilst driving professionally
What will I learn
Courses vary, but subjects covered may include:

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