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Daily Walk Round Check

The Daily Walk Round Check is a legal and moral obligation for operators and drivers. Undertaken by the driver before he or she starts their journey, the purpose of the check is to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy, the load secure and that neither is a danger to other road users and pedestrians.

Failure to meet the required standards at a VOSA roadside check could, depending on what’s wrong, lead to penalty points on the driver’s licence. For the operator it could lead to the issue of a Prohibition Notice, a visit from VOSA inspectors and possible prosecution.

  Inside the cab 

• Is access to the vehicle clean, safe and undamaged?
• Check the seat to ensure it is secure, and adjust to give maximum control and vision
• If a seat belt is fitted, check that it works and ensure that you use it
• Check that your view to the front is clear
• Make sure the Operator’s licence and tax disc are present and valid
• Check that the tachograph is operating correctly
• Check your mirrors to ensure they are correctly adjusted
• Ensure that your view of the mirrors is not obscured in any way
• Switch on the electrics so you can check wipers, washers, lights and all other electrical components
• Check that all dashboard warning lamps work correctly
• Check that the horn is working correctly
• Check your driving controls: steering, parking brake and footbrake
• Operate the footbrake to ensure that it is working on both tractor and trailer
• Press the brake, release and listen to see if air exhausts from tractor and trailer
• If the vehicle is fitted with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), check that this is operating correctly
• Start the engine so you can listen for air leaks, and check exhaust emissions for excessive noise or smoke


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