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How Driver Hire can help

The importance of working with the right partner

The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) became UK law on 1st October 2011. If you have a strong working relationship with your recruitment partner/s, the Regulations are relatively simple to handle.

Remember that whilst the primary responsibility to comply with the Regulations lies with the agency and not the hirer, if a worker makes a complaint that their rights have not been met, all parties are potentially liable. It is therefore critical that you work only with professional, knowledgeable agencies that are capable of correctly managing the impact of AWR.
A valuable opportunity

It’s a really good idea to undertake a thorough review of your use of temporary labour. By doing this you can gain a detailed understanding of this section of your workforce. Many organisations never do it, but it’s a real opportunity to improve the efficiency of your organisation. You should also develop a closer relationship with your agency, which will create a more productive and efficient relationship.
New systems

Driver Hire has software, processes and reporting mechanisms to help manage the AWR. These systems minimise the risk of legal exposure for our customers, as well as providing you with enhanced visibility and control over your temporary agency workforce.
AWR e-learning – use our free online e-learning module to learn all about the Agency Workers Regulations, and take the test to check your understanding.  Click here for more information.
AWR Tracker – our free web-based system allows you to track the AWR status of ALL your temporary agency workers (not just those from Driver Hire), and – critically – will alert you when your temps are approaching the all important 12-week AWR qualification status. Click here for more information.
Click here to find out more about the new IT systems and processes that Driver Hire has developed to help manage AWR.
Talk to the experts

Driver Hire participated fully in Government consultation during the development of these Regulations. We were keen to ensure that the implementation was as fair and user-friendly as possible for both workers and employers. We also wanted to have a truly in-depth knowledge of their implications for our systems, our candidates and our customers.
With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve built a strong reputation for quality and compliance. In keeping with these values, all our franchisees and recruitment consultants undertake face-to-face training sessions and a specially-developed e-learning module on AWR. You can trust in our nationwide standards of staff knowledge and expertise.

As a result of this involvement and preparation, Driver Hire is able to offer expert support and guidance on AWR. 

Whether or not you’re a current customer of Driver Hire, we’d be happy to come and talk to you about AWR, and help to ensure you remain compliant. To book a consultation contact your local office or email our AWR team at
AWR Information Pack

Our free AWR information pack gives an overview of the legislation and explains how Driver Hire can help you manage any changes. The pack includes:
  • AWR in 60 seconds – a quick summary that explains the major points of the Regulations
  • AWR Checklist –a checklist to help you ensure that you and your chosen agency/ies are doing what’s necessary to comply with the Regulations
  • AWR: How Driver Hire Can Help – learn more about the different ways Driver Hire can help you manage the Regulations

For your free copy, send an email to or contact your local Driver Hire office.

New systems
Click here to find out more about the new IT systems and processes that Driver Hire developed to help manage AWR.

If you would like any more information on any of the above, please email the AWR team at
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