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AWR Systems

New Technology
Driver Hire’s dedicated AWR project team developed new software, processes and reporting mechanisms to help manage the new rules. These systems are designed to minimise the risk of legal exposure for our customers, as well as providing you with enhanced visibility and control over your temporary agency workforce.
Our bespoke operating system, dhOps, was modified to incorporate a new tracking element, which allows our offices to track the AWR status of each individual worker supplied. This enables us to inform you in good time when a worker is approaching the 12-week status, and to discuss with you your options
moving forward.

AWR e-learning Module
We produced a bespoke AWR e-learning module, which all Driver Hire staff undertake. This module is available free of charge to our customers, in order to help educate themselves and their staff about the new legislation.
To access the module
Click Here 
Online AWR Tracker
Whether or not you’re a current customer of Driver Hire, our free web-based system allows you to track the AWR status of ALL your temporary agency workers (not just those from Driver Hire*), and – critically – will alert you when your temps are approaching the all important 12-week status.
The system will also allow you to filter your temporary workers in order to discover:
  • The date the worker will qualify for ‘equal treatment’
  • Breaks that have caused a pause in the qualifying clock
  • Different roles worked
Where requested, larger organisations will be able to view all their user locations on one screen, allowing you to gain an overall picture of your temporary staff usage.

To start using the Driver Hire AWR Tracker click here
To watch our introductory video guide, click on the screen below.


*Workers from agencies other than Driver Hire must be manually inputted into the system, either by the customer themselves or an invited third party agency.



If you would like any more information on any of the above, please email the AWR team at



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