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AWR Checklist

The Agency Workers Regulations must be complied with as of 1st October 2011. Use this checklist to help ensure you’ve got it covered, and – critically – that your chosen recruitment partners have too.
Your Legal Responsibilities

As the hirer, in order to comply with the Regulations and minimise the risk of a dispute you should ensure that:
  • You comply with all requests for AWR-related information from supplying agenciesIn the event of a dispute over the 12-week ‘equal treatment’ rights, the recruitment company will have a defence where they can demonstrate that they requested the necessary information from the hirer and did not receive it.
  • Collective facilities (see below) available to your employed workforce are made available to all temporary agency workers from day one of their assignment
  • Information on vacancies available to your employed workforce is made available to all temporary agency workers from day one of their assignment

Responsibilities of your Recruitment Partners

If your organisation uses agency workers for periods of 12 weeks or more, you will need to work with your supplying agency or agencies and provide them with sufficient information to ensure that they can comply with the Regulations.

 Additional Recommendations

  • Appoint a specific individual/department to be responsible for implementation of the AWR within your organisation
  • Educate all relevant staff members on the Regulations and their impact
  • Agree clear processes and procedures between all parties on the sharing of information and managing compliance in order to avoid claims


Where you have strong working relationships with your agencies, the impact of the Regulations should be relatively simple to deal with. The introduction of AWR is a great opportunity for hirers and agencies to work even closer together and have a more productive and efficient relationship. 


If you would like any more information on any of the above, please email the AWR team at


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