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What matters is...Driver Hire’s Summer Conference


Everyone who attended Driver Hire’s ‘What Matters is’ Summer Conference – held  at the Heathrow Radisson Hotel – came away feeling majorly positive. This was largely thanks to keynote speaker Brenda Isles. Brenda has made a career out of helping people lead better lives and run better businesses. She urged delegates to use the power of language to influence customers’ decision making. Key to this is kicking out the negatives and replacing them with positives.

But Conference was about a lot more than turning “No problems,” into upbeat, “I’ll make it happens,”. In fact there were a whole host of reasons to be cheerful.  For a start, there was Chief Executive Chris Chidley’s update on Driver Hire’s outstanding 2013/14 business performance. We’ve got away to a storming start – the best for five years.

Talking of success, ten Driver Hire offices collected awards for their individual outstanding performances along with our current ‘Office of the Month’, Canterbury.

Picking up on the ‘What matters is’ Conference theme, delegates spent some time looking into the ‘Customer Experience’, and how Driver Hire can deliver the best possible experience every time. It’s clear that there is much more to this than just delivering the service that is promised – indeed, great products and service are just the starting point. Delegates benefitted from academic research as well as evidence from on the ground, both in the UK and in Driver Hire’s new operation in Australia.

Speaking of Australia, Dean Hewitt, our Group Operations Director ‘Down Under’ flew back to the UK to talk about what’s working over there and his appearance reminded delegates of Driver Hire’s growing worldwide footprint.

Meanwhile back home in the UK, Driver Hire continues to innovate, with a constant flow of new cost effective products and services to meet customer needs. That’s why Sophie Mason, e-Services Commercial Development Manager, was on hand to remind franchisees about our exciting new e-Services. These include eFED  and ‘Walk Around Check’ training, competence assessments and  licence checking. 

And, finally, Conference delegates turned their attention to an important business milestone. Driver Hire has now been in business for thirty years. We’ll be celebrating big style throughout the year and delegates found out how they can join in the fun.


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