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Sticky problem


Goods vehicle drivers are being warned about a potential problem with newly issued smart cards for digital tachographs. If the glue that’s used to stick the new card to its card carrier isn’t completely removed, there’s a very good chance that it will damage the unit, rendering it inoperable.


This is what happened to one of Driver Hire Southampton’s drivers whilst working for a client. According to his boss Greg Walter, this problem had, apparently been raised by truck manufacturer DAF. “I then spoke to Continental, one of the leading digital tachograph manufacturers,” says Greg. “It seems that one of the reasons that this hasn’t come to light before is that damaged units are returned for repair without a reason as to how the damage occurred. Having looked at manufacturers’ websites it is a potential hazard that’s not mentioned anywhere.”


Following a conversation with Richard Armitage, Driver Hire’s Training Director, all Driver CPC trainers are now aware of this issue and will mention it whenever they deliver the Driver CPC module on digital tachographs.


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