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Seven up!


Driver Hire proved that they’re not just tops when it comes to transport and logistics recruitment. They come out tops in sport too. A Driver Hire sponsored team, ‘The Legends,’ were winners at this year’s Birkenhead Park ‘Touch Rugby 7s’ competition. Contested by ten teams from the North West, the competition is a regular feature on the local sporting calendar. 'The Legends'

‘The Legends’ comprised both former and current Birkenhead Park first team players, one of which was none other than Chris Chidley, Driver Hire’s Chief Executive. A mean number 7 back row forward in his time, Chris was delighted to put one over on the U23s squad they met in the final,  which was played in sweltering conditions.

Whilst it would appear that Chris has lost none of his youthful ability on the playing field, these days he’s a little more circumspect when it comes to the post match drink; devotion to Driver Hire duty the following day meant he wasn’t able to partake in ‘The Legends’ liquid celebrations which followed their triumph.


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