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Scores on the doors


VOSA has completed an overhaul of the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) which was first introduced in 2006. According to VOSA the changes – which come into effect on 30th April – will result in a more robust, flexible and accurate system.


The main change is simplification of the OCRS scoring system. Previously there were ten bands going from green through to amber and red. Within each band were percentages based on the number of points incurred for infringements.


Post April 30th, simpler four tier system comprising green, amber, red and grey is being introduced. The latter is for operators that have insufficient data to enable VOSA to give them a score. Under the previous regime, operators in this segment were given a score based on other similar-sized businesses.


The way scoring is calculated is also changing. In future points will be based on the severity of the offence. So an infringement for tyres or brakes will score more highly than one for, say, defective bodywork. Scores will be calculated weekly, using data collected over the past three years. However more recent infringements will be weighted more heavily than an offence that took place two years ago. Defects discovered at a roadside check will be worth the same number of points as those found at the annual inspection.


A fast tracking system which immediately ‘red bands’ operators with a most serious infringement or a prosecution is being introduced. Operators remain red banded for six months for an infringement or twelve months for a prosecution. Thereafter, as long as no further points have been accrued, they return to their previous banding.


Commenting on the changes Driver Hire’s Chris Chidley said: “We, along with the rest of the industry are broadly supportive of these changes which aim to weed out rogue operators, making our roads safer for all who use them. Of course, our own emphasis on compliance and quality mirrors this approach and helps our customers ensure they stay in the green zone.”



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