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Poor marks for road markings


Now that we’re through the Winter Solstice (21st December, the shortest day of the year), we’re all being blessed with a bit more daylight every day. Nonetheless, the news that road markings in the UK are in a poor state is worrying at this time of year.


A report, prepared by the Road Safety Marking Association (RSMA), suggests that all those lane markers and directional arrows are hard to see on a good day; even harder in midwinter, creating a potential threat to road safety.


The report came up with the following findings:


  • 40% of markings on motorways and dual carriageways in Scotland need replacing immediately.
  • 40% of markings on dual carriageways in Wales need replacing immediately.
  • 38% of markings on motorways and 35% on dual carriageways maintained by the Highways Agency in England need immediate or scheduled repairs.
  • 25% of Highways Agency maintained single carriageways are in need of replacement.


Commenting on the findings in the report, George Lee of the RSMA said: “We strongly suspect that the layers of bureaucracy built into the system of maintaining Highways Authority roads is stifling results. Taxpayers are paying but the funds are simply not going on the roads.”

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