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Online training all set to improve Daily Walk Round checks


A brand new - online training  innovation from Driver Hire will soon be providing the answer to a growing problem within the road transport industry – drivers failing to complete a full and thorough ‘Daily Walk Round’ check.

This issue has been highlighted by VOSA . It has recently released figures that show 85% of all defects found during roadside inspections could have been avoided if the goods vehicle’s driver had completed their ‘Walk Round’ check correctly.

“This percentage is at an unacceptable level,” says Sophie Mason, Driver Hire’s Commercial Development Manager for e-Services. “It shows that drivers completing a daily check sheet isn’t enough. There’s clearly a need for fast and effective training for drivers, particularly as defects discovered at a roadside check affect a transport Operators Compliance Risk Score (OCRS).”

To meet this industry challenge, Driver Hire has developed an online e-learning programme specifically designed to provide drivers with an increased understanding of the requirements of the ‘Daily Walk Round’ check.

Comprising five modules it covers all the elements of an effective Walk Round check, highlighting all the features which need to be checked both inside and outside the vehicle. It’s extremely cost effective with courses starting at just £40 per driver. The course can also be reviewed as many times as required, providing regular refresher training at no extra cost.

As well as helping meet legal obligations, carrying out an effective Walk Round check has other benefits too. By highlighting potentially faulty equipment, it improves the safety of the driver and other road users. There are likely longer-term cost savings too. A Daily Walk Round check will highlight defects at an early stage, extending component life and preventing a small repair become a big one. Fuel economy may also be improved.

“Giving your drivers additional training to carry out these checks correctly will help you demonstrate compliance with Operator Licence obligations, thus reducing the chances of one of your vehicles being issued with a Prohibition Notice during a roadside check. This, in turn, will improve your profile and OCRS rating with VOSA,” Sophie concludes.


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