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It’s been a busy back end of the year for franchise sales at Driver Hire. Late autumn saw new franchisees taking over in Guildford, Southend and Uxbridge. In addition we opened a brand new Driver Hire office in Huntingdon.


The man behind Driver Hire name Huntingdon is Rob Stead. Rob who lives locally had previously worked in the City of London. He was looking for a new challenge and recognised that franchising provided a safer route into self-employment.


“I’d no preconceived ideas about what I wanted to do,” says Rob. “I came across Driver Hire at a franchise exhibition. It’s one of the UK’s leading franchises with a proven business model and a long-history of success. I did some research and spent time with one of their existing franchisees. His candid advice was one of the key reasons I decided to invest.”


Graham Duckworth Driver Hire’s Franchise Sales Director commented “our recent burst of sales activity is further confirmation of the attractions of a Driver Hire franchise. Overall our network is enjoying an excellent year with the vast majority of our offices in growth. The good news for anyone interested in joining our network is that further opportunities constantly become available when existing franchisees decide to realise the value in their business and sell.”


For further information on becoming a Driver Hire franchisee contact Kasia Baldwin on 01274 361073.


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