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It’s a Bourbon biscuit bonanza!


Chelsea Walker, an Office Administrator at Mawsley Machinery Ltd in Northampton was the winner of our ‘Better with Driver Hire’ sales campaign free prize draw.


It invited recipients of our autumn mailing to nominate the biscuit they most enjoy with a nice hot cuppa. Chelsea duly responded and her name was first out of the hat, winning herself a year’s supply of her favourite tea break crunch – bourbons.


“Our biscuit poll certainly caught the attention of workers right across the UK,” says Ryan Thompson, manager of our Northampton office. “Obviously we’re delighted that the winner was a business on our patch.”


Whilst by no means totally scientific, Driver Hire’s nationwide biscuit analysis reveals that the favourite office tea break bite is a crunchy Hob Nob. Second favourite is the chocolate digestive. Indeed chocolate biscuits generally get the workers’ vote, with 70% opting for biscuits that include chocolate – either on top or inside.


So what is it about the bourbon biscuit that makes them Chelsea Walker’s favourite? “It’s their general all round chocolateyness,” says Chelsea. “But they do seem to be popular at Mawsleys. Looking at my current bourbon stocks, the workshop boys certainly seem to have been enjoying plenty of them!”


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