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Industry survey gives Driver CPC the thumbs up

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) has got the overwhelming backing of the road transport and logistics industry. That’s one of the key findings of a survey by Driver Hire, the leading transport and logistics recruiter.

The survey was conducted over three days at one of the industry’s leading events, the Commercial Vehicle Operator Show. Overall, 90% of those interviewed agreed that DCPC was a positive step for the industry. There was also strong agreement (85% of those interviewed) that DCPC will improve drivers’ professional skills.

However, views on whether DCPC will enhance the status of goods vehicle drivers amongst the general public were less clear cut, with only 66% thinking that it will.

Whilst the vast majority of those taking part in the survey agreed that DCPC is a good idea, it would seem that there is some reluctance to commit to training. Over half (60%) of operators and drivers interviewed have yet to take any action. That said, the majority of these say that they are planning to make a start in the immediate future.

It was interesting that when it comes to paying for the training, there was a level of consensus between operators and drivers. The mix of people interviewed was fairly evenly split between transport operators, drivers and other people involved in the road transport and logistics industry. Even so, 75% of those interviewed agreed that the employer should pay for the training.

There does appear to be some concern on how to fit the training in around heavy workloads. This was reflected in the 41% who said that flexibility in terms of course venue, timings and subject matter were key decision factors in selecting a DCPC training provider.

As for course content, with diesel prices at a record high, it was hardly surprising that respondents selected fuel efficient driving as the most popular course content module.

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