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Help for businesses hit by floods

Vance & Sue Parsons, owners of Driver Hire Hereford & Worcester, are offering support to flood or storm-affected businesses across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. They decided to introduce the offer having seen the impact of the flooding with their own eyes from their city centre office.

“We have been lucky, in that our office hasn’t been affected so far,” said Vance. “However we couldn’t watch other local businesses suffering so badly without offering our support.”

Vance Parsons says that his business can help in two ways. “Firstly, we are offering to provide staff at rates massively below those normally charged by recruitment companies, to any company that has been directly affected by flood or storm damage.”

“We are also happy to make use of our recruitment expertise and contacts to try to identify and coordinate workers who are prepared to volunteer their time for free. We’re logistics recruitment specialists, but can help with a wide range of related roles and at times like this, it’s as much about willingness to do whatever will help as it is about particular skills.”

Vance and Sue Parsons say that, subject to availability of workers, this offer is open to any business that’s looking for help following the floods until the end of February, at which point the situation will be reviewed. They’d also like to hear from anyone looking for work.

For more information contact Driver Hire Worcester on 01905 617000.

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