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Green Business Award Nomination

Congratulations to Simon Wise, owner of Driver Hire’s London North franchise. Simon has just been nominated in the Green Business Category in the 2009 North and West London Business Awards, organised by local newspaper group, Archant.
Simon centred his award submission around Driver Hire’s Fuel Efficient Driving (FED) programme. Totally unique to Driver Hire, it involves Simon and fellow franchisees up and down the country training their drivers in fuel efficient driving techniques.

“Department for Transport figures based on a 10% saving in fuel show that one large goods vehicles travelling 80,000 miles a year would save £4,500. If you have a fleet of ten vehicles that adds up to a saving of £45,000 a year in total,” says Simon.

Driver Hire’s own tests, conducted with the assistance of truck manufacturer, Mercedes Benz delivered an impressive 27% for an HGV and 18% for a van. This means that a fuel-efficient driver can be one of the most valuable resources a transport company can have.

“It’s wonderful that our efforts and hard work have been recognised,” Simon continues. “Of course, whilst we really want to win this award, the ultimate prize is reducing the amount of fuel and emissions created by the road transport industry.”

The awards’ ceremony will take place at Wembley Stadium on September 25th.

For more information on Driver Hire's Fuel Efficient Driving initiative, click here.

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