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Driver Hire's training ticks all the boxes


A JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) Driver CPC Audit Report has confirmed that Driver Hire Training's service ticks all the boxes. Conducted in April, the routine audit checked over 30 key criteria relating to training and administration. As a result, the audit report gave Driver Hire Training a 100%, “fully compliant” score.


The report summary noted that Driver Hire Training has produced an excellent set of Driver CPC service standards which are measured and applied across all offices delivering training. The delivery of training is measured against a key set of performance indicators (KPIs) which include feedback from drivers.


“This is great news and confirms that, not only is Driver Hire Training the largest provider of Driver CPC training, it’s also leading the way on quality,” says Rod Harlow, Sales Director, Driver Hire Training. “We also conduct a driver satisfaction survey after every course, and this shows that 85% of delegates rated their training as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. Combine these results and we believe any driver or operator can book their Driver CPC training with us, with total confidence.”


The importance of getting on with Driver CPC training has been heightened by the recent announcement that the DfT is introducing a £1,000 fine for in-scope drivers and their employers found driving without their Drivers’ Qualification Card (DQC).


“LGV drivers who passed their test before September 2009 have ‘acquired rights’, which permit them to continue driving until September 2014 without their Driver CPC,” Rod explains. “After that date however, they must have completed 35 hours of Driver CPC training and have a valid DQC with them whenever they are driving professionally.”


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