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Driver CPC Breakfast Alarm


A recent news report on BBC Breakfast has suggested that the British haulage industry has “fallen asleep at the wheel” when it comes to contingency plans for Driver CPC training.


Their newsdesk had been alerted by a press release issued by Brit Insurance.

According to their release there’s a 46% Driver CPC training backlog which is going to lead to a 30% shortfall in the number of legally qualified LGV drivers by 2014. A fact that is due to be confirmed by figures which will shortly be released by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).


“It is something we’re concerned about too,” says Richard Armitage, Driver Hire’s Training Manager. “A survey we conducted earlier this year showed that 41% of respondents still hadn’t done anything about training. That means that many organisations are falling quite seriously behind and may be storing up a problem for the future. As you would expect, we've been reminding our customers and prospects of this fact.


“Fortunately there is a quick and effective remedy if you’re one of the organisations that hasn’t started training as yet. Driver Hire has the most comprehensive nationwide Driver CPC training network in the UK and average driver satisfaction score for our courses is over 87%. We offer ten industry relevant modules all designed to improve the skills of your drivers. If you’d like to find out more, then give us a call. You’ll find our Training contact number on the website. We’ll put you in touch with your nearest Driver Hire office offering Driver CPC training.”


Since launching Driver CPC training Driver Hire has trained just short of 10,500 drivers. Training modules include Fuel Efficient Driving, Drivers’ Hours, Digital Tachographs, Delivery Driving and Customer Service.


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