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Delivery drivers on charm offensive

Delivery drivers across the UK are having their skills honed and polished at a special ‘charm school’ operated by leading transport and logistics recruiter, Driver Hire. Their 100 office network supplies around 20,000 daily shifts to their clients, many of which involve deliveries to both homes and businesses. 

Chris Chidley, CEO of Driver Hire said: “With 22 million people currently using the internet each month and spending approximately £50 billion annually in online purchases, more and more goods are delivered direct to the door. Often, if goods have been ordered over the phone or the internet, the delivery driver will be the only person in the buying process that the customer actually meets. As a result, many people are recognising that delivery drivers are also ambassadors for their company. They want to have confidence that if they hire a driver, he or she will represent their organisation in a professional and friendly manner.”

Of course there’s more to being an excellent delivery driver than charm and courtesy. So Driver Hire’s programme also covers safe and fuel efficient driving, route planning, loading techniques, health and safety and legal issues. Delivery drivers must demonstrate a high degree of knowledge in all these areas before receiving Driver Hire’s ‘Multi-drop and Home delivery’ accreditation.

Chris Chidley adds: “The final mile is probably the most important element of the whole delivery process. Through our ‘charm school’ accreditation scheme we’re developing the most effective team of customer focused agency drivers in the business. Whilst we can’t promise our drivers will arrive at your door dressed like a butler, along with the goods, they’ll certainly be delivering silver service to our clients and their customers.”

Driver Hire has more than 100 offices throughout the UK, providing drivers and other workforce to businesses across the UK on a temporary and permanent basis. Driver Hire drivers have been named Agency Driver of the Year in each of the past four years, from 2005 to 2008. Driver Hire driver Colin Ramsden was recently named REC Temporary Worker of the year for 2008.

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