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Cost Savings seminar at Hampden Park

Working smarter and working more efficiently make more sense than ever in the current business climate. That's why Driver Hire's Scottish offices are inviting local business people to a free half-day seminar on Wednesday 22 April on "Improving Efficiencies - Increasing Profit".

The session features keynote presentations by a number of leading authorities on the subject, including Dr Michael Coyle, who led the research project that resulted in the UK Government's 'Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving' programme and has worked on similar projects throughout the world. He is currently Director of Fuel Efficiency at M2.

The seminar is targeting chief executives, finance directors and other senior executive decision makers. During the full morning session the following important topics will be covered:

Saving Money through Effective Risk Management
Reducing Costs through Fuel Efficiency and Effective Fleet Management
Flexible Workforce Solutions
Training to Improve Driving Skills
Improving Delivery Inefficiencies

During the session a wide range of simple but effective ideas will be discussed, that delegates will be able to apply to their own businesses, potentially contributing thousands of pounds to their profit line.

The seminar on 22 April is open to all businesses in the wider Glasgow area. For more information please contact Driver Hire on 0844 846 0000. 

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