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Checking driving licences is an essential requirement for all businesses that require employees to drive as part of their job. For transport managers it’s doubly important. Employees driving without a valid licence, is one of the Most Serious Infringements (MSIs) operators can be convicted of under European Law, putting their ‘O’ licence at risk and seriously affecting future career opportunities.

However, checking the paper counterpart licence is time-consuming and open to failures through fraud and human error. Who’s to say that the photocopy you’ve just checked is the genuine, most up to date article? It’s costly too. If you confirm details with the DVLA from a BT standard land line, it will cost you £1.53 a minute! And of course it’s all set to become even more complicated as the paper counterpart is being phased out during 2014 and will have gone completely by 2015.

All of which makes the arrival of Driver Hire eServices ‘dh licence check’ perfectly timed. Going online with Driver Hire gets rid of all this hassle, saves both time and money, removes human error and provides an audit trail, should this be required. And, of course, it automatically carries out the required checks via the DVLA – on time , every time.

“I am very excited about this new service, which is going to be a ‘must have’ for transport managers,” says Driver Hire’s Chief Executive, Chris Chidley. “We’re deliberately launching it at a price point that is going to make waves in the market. We used ‘Commercial Motor Live’ at Millbrook to ‘soft’ launch the product and the response was fantastic, with a number of operators signing up on the spot.”

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