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Carter takes over at Driver Hire Southampton


Ivan Carter is the new owner of Driver Hire Southampton. He’s bought the business from long-standing franchisee, Greg Walter, who had owned and operated the office for the past 20 years. Ivan previously worked in IT. Alongside the core recruitment business, Ivan will continue to offer Driver CPC training, an essential requirement for all vocational holders of a large goods vehicle licence.


Ivan Carter, Driver Hire Southampton“I’ve always wanted to be my own boss,” says Ivan. “Buying a franchise is a safer way of doing it. For a start, you’re buying into a tried and tested business model. Research by the Nat West Bank shows that franchises have a much higher success rate and move into profitability more quickly than a standalone business start-up. And of course, Driver Hire are currently celebrating 30 years in business which, in itself, speaks volume about its reputation and strength of its business model.”


Ivan will be working alongside Gillian Walter (Office Manager) and Richard Booker (Training Manager) both of whom worked for the previous franchise owner.


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