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Bright idea that could save lives


Staff at Driver Hire broke all the rules on office dress this week. They organised a ‘Bright Day’ on Monday November 21st. This involved dressing in the brightest, gaudiest clothes they could find: shocking pink, luminous green all the way through to day-glow orange. The brighter the better!


Road Safety WeekIt’s all part of their support for Road Safety Week, which takes place from November 21st-27th. The idea of a ‘Bright Day’ is to remind vulnerable road-users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, of the importance of wearing something bright or reflective when they’re out and about on dark winter evenings.


Other Driver Hire offices up and down the country also took part by organising their own ‘Bright Day’. They’re also encouraging their drivers to sign the ‘Pledge to Drive Safely’. The Pledge gives six golden rules for driving safely, including staying within speed limits and not driving while tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


“As well as a way of generating road safety awareness, it’s an opportunity to raise funds for the excellent work of Brake,” says Richard Owen-Hughes, Driver Hire’s Group Marketing Director. “We had a collection on our ‘Bright Day’ and the proceeds of this will be donated to Brake.”


The good news is that the ongoing national focus on road safety is paying off. Figures recently released by ROSPA show that in 2010 the number of people who died on UK roads had reduced to 1,850 – the lowest it’s been in years. In 2007, the figure was as high as 3,500.


“Whilst this reduction is a fantastic achievement, it still means that five people are killed in road traffic accidents every day of the year. In every case, it’s a tragedy for their families and loved ones. That’s why road safety is important at Driver Hire not just during Road Safety Week, but every day of the year,” Richard concludes.


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