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Boost British business by cutting fuel tax

The Government should consider cutting tax on fuel to boost British business and the recruitment industry as whole, according to Chris Chidley, Driver Hire’s chief executive, as quoted in today's Recruiter.

Chidley’s comments follow calls by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson for the Prime Minister to cut the tax on petrol in today’s Daily Telegraph. “We would all like to see our tax burden decrease. If we can do that in the context of the austerity programme then that’s great. As the oil price goes up, the government earns more on VAT and they may be able to reduce fuel duty because they are making more money overall. If they can do that, that would be positive for my customers, my business and the recruitment industry as a whole.

“Most of the organisations we provide drivers to are driving commercial vehicles. Anybody I supply will be generally be using a diesel powered vehicle and if the reduction in taxation relates to diesel vehicles as well as fuel vehicles, they would be happy to see a reduction in their costs. Any recruitment company will be keen on a reduction because it will mean they also pay less for their own fuel.

“The uncertainty in the UK caused by the Government’s austerity programme means people are using temporary labour to provide flexibility in their workforce so that if the economy does contract they can vary their cost structure by having less workers engaged.

“We are having an extremely buoyant trading period. We had our second ever best week’s trading in the week before Christmas. We have seen strong trading for the whole of last year and the start of the year, we have seen that trend continue."

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