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Amanda takes over at Wisbech


Amanda Jeffries is the new owner of Driver Hire’s Wisbech and the Fens franchise. Amanda, who lives locally, is certainly no stranger to Driver Hire. Apart from a short break, she’s been working for Driver Hire’s nationwide network since 1997 at a number of offices including Peterborough, Chester, Wakefield, Newport and, most recently, for the previous franchisee at Wisbech.


“I’d already looked at buying another Driver Hire franchise,” says Amanda. “When the opportunity came along to buy this one, it was perfect timing. “My territory stretches from Skegness to Hunstanton. We already have a good customer base and I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities to build on this.”


Alongside the core recruitment business, Amanda will also be offering JAUPT accredited Driver CPC training.


“I’ve worked for some other agencies during my career,” says Amanda. “That experience has confirmed that Driver Hire is the best in the business. I believe very passionately in the brand and am looking forward to providing a first rate service to local businesses and other organisations in and around my catchment area.”  


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