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“All aboard” as bus driver deadline arrives


The 10th of September marks the Driver CPC deadline for acquired rights bus and coach drivers. If they haven’t completed 35 hours of training and got their blue Drivers’ Qualification card they can no longer drive professionally.

As the deadline has drawn nearer, Driver Hire had increased enquiries from PCV drivers and coach companies looking for quality Driver CPC training. “Whenever possible we’ve helped them out, although it must be said that most of our CPC courses are targeted mainly towards LGV drivers,” says Richard Armitage, Driver Hire’s Director of Training.

The passing of one Driver CPC deadline now means that the LGV drivers’ deadline is now only a year away. Figures produced by the DSA show that out of the estimated 500,000-750,000 PCV and LGV drivers in the UK, 634,000 are now engaged in Driver CPC training. That means that up to 120,000 drivers may have done no training at all.

Of course, some of that number may have decided they’ve reached the end of their professional driving life and therefore won’t be undertaking Driver CPC training. However, it still suggests that, as the HGV deadline draws ever nearer, Driver CPC trainers are in for a busy year. So our advice is, if you’re looking for worthwhile Driver CPC training, book soon.


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