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Alice & Lucy join eServices team


Driver Hire has strengthened its eServices sales team. Commercial Development Manager, Sophie Mason has been joined by Lucy O’Connor and Alice Lopes. Lucy is covering the southern half of Driver Hire’s nationwide network and Alice, the north.

“Winning new customers for our dh Licence Check service is the main focus for Lucy and Alice,” says Sophie Mason, Commercial Development Manager. “The system delivers major benefits in terms of efficiency and compliance, saving customers time and money. It’s much easier to understand this, and to experience how easy the system is to use when it is demonstrated at first hand. With the addition of Alice and Lucy to the team, we’ve now got the capacity to do this for even more people.”

Lucy and Alice’s arrival is clearly having a very positive impact and the dh Licence Check service continues to go from strength to strength. From a standing start just a few months ago, we now have well over 200 organisations using the service, and the number is growing every day.


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