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AWR has had little impact says REC survey


Research by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (REC) Industrial Research Unit reveals that the Agency Workers’ Regulations (AWR), introduced a year ago, have had a very little impact on the use of temps.


According to the survey findings, only one in ten employers have stopped or significantly reduced the use of agency workers since the introduction of the AWR. Out of those who had, two thirds said the reduction in their use of temps was more to do with “the continued economic uncertainty and weak growth,” rather than the impact of AWR.


The report has good news for agencies and the service they provide to their clients, with 92% of employers satisfied with the service they receive.


Commenting on the report, REC CEO, Kevin Green said: “One year in and it’s clear to us that there have only been limited problems for businesses. It’s also clear that recruitment agencies across the UK have absorbed the admin burden and costs associated with the new rules.”


Chris Chidley, Driver Hire’s Chief Executive added: “This confirms what we said from the outset; the regulations won’t change the flexibility and benefits of using temporary workers. Of course, the ‘equal treatment after 12 weeks’ requirement of the legislation means that you must be aware of how long a temp has been with you. Driver Hire’s AWR Tracker has been specifically developed to help employers comply with the requirements of the legislation. It’s a free web-based service which tracks the AWR status of all your temps, alerting you when temporary workers are approaching the end of their 12-week qualification period.”


“Using agency staff is still the best way of operating a cost efficient, flexible workforce that meets the needs of the current economic climate,” says Chris. “Using Driver Hire’s AWR Tracker ensures that compliance with the Regulations is both seamless and simple.”


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