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AWR Tracker - it's a cracker!

Driver Hire has launched a new, free, online service available to customers and non-customers alike. It’s designed to help them meet the additional record-keeping requirements of the AWR easily and efficiently. Whilst the new regulations won’t change the flexibility of using temporary workers, the ‘equal treatment after 12 weeks’ requirement of the new legislation means that you must be aware of how long a temp has been with you.
“Driver Hire’s AWR Tracker does exactly what it says on the tin,” says Driver Hire’s Chief Executive, Chris Chidley. “It tracks the AWR status of all your temps. Driver Hire customers benefit from weekly automated data uploads to our system. You can also include temps hired from other agencies. Using the Tracker will help you stay compliant, minimising the risk of infringing the Regulations. In addition it will give you a much clearer picture of your temporary workforce and alert you when temporary workers are approaching the end of their 12-week qualification period.”
The AWR tracker is 100% web-based, accessible from anywhere, and is available to all employers – not just Driver Hire customers. Once you’ve registered with the Tracker, it’s quick and easy to use; data can be entered either manually or by CSV file. Employers can also invite other agencies they’re working with to upload data on to the Tracker.
The Tracker shows you when agency staff have worked, taken a break, qualified for AWR or have reset the ‘AWR clock’. A status indicator shows how each of these different occurrences has affected each worker’s status.
“Using agency staff is still the best way of operating a cost efficient, flexible workforce that meets the needs of the current economic climate,” says Chris. “Using Driver Hire’s AWR Tracker ensures that compliance with the new Regulations is both seamless and simple.”
The Tracker can be accessed at Users can either register for a new account or use their existing ‘MyDriverHire’ account. For more information on the Tracker, or how Driver Hire can help your organisation deal with the impact of the Agency Workers’ Regulations, contact us at:
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