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  1. 16 January 2009 Driver Hire Expands into the Borders

    Category: National News

    Driver Hire is bringing the potential for new jobs and employment to the Borders region of Scotland, with the opening of a new office in Galashiels.

  2. 30 December 2008 Driver Hire aims to save customers £10m

    Category: National News

    “We’ve unlocked potential fuel cost savings of up to £10m per annum for our customers.” That’s the exciting message from Chris Chidley, Chief Executive of Driver Hire, following successful tests of its ‘Fuel Efficient Driving’ (FED) initiative, which involves training all its drivers in techniques to improve fuel consumption.

  3. 02 December 2008 Delivery drivers on charm offensive

    Category: National News

    Delivery drivers across the UK are having their skills honed and polished at a special ‘charm school’ operated by leading transport and logistics recruiter, Driver Hire. Their 100 office network supplies around 20,000 daily shifts to their clients, many of which involve deliveries to both homes and businesses. 

  4. 05 November 2008 Driver Hire targets 10% customer savings with fuel-efficient driving campaign

    Category: National News

    The most fuel efficient agency drivers in the business. That’s what Driver Hire is promising with the launch of a major ‘green driving’ initiative. The programme will see every one of Driver Hire’s drivers specially trained in fuel-efficient driving techniques, route planning and appropriate vehicle checks.

  5. 01 October 2008 New Driver Hire website is launched

    Category: National News

    Driver Hire, the UK's leading provider of transport and logistics recruitment services, today launched its new website at www.