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By: Dave Robbins
13 August 2013

Industry lobbying – and a healthy dose of common sense – has won the day on the ‘Driver CPC for mechanics’ debate. The Transport Minister Stephen Hammond has announced that plans to make mechanics with an LGV licence undertake 7 hours’ annual Driver CPC training have been dropped.

 It’s all a result of a consultation exercise undertaken by the Department for Transport. Having listened to the industry and checked the rules surrounding Driver CPC requirements, the DfT recognised that as long as no goods are being carried, the vehicle is not being used for hire or reward.

Commenting on the decision, Transport Minister Stephen Hammond said “ Making training compulsory for those who only drive HGVs over short distances – because they are delivering them for repair or testing – is costly and time-consuming. That is why we are making these exemptions which will reduce costs and administration for businesses."

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