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Enhancement to Driver CPC on the way?

By: Dave Robbins
02 July 2014


Could changes be on the way to enhance the value of Driver CPC? That’s what RHA chief, Geoff Dunning, is arguing for following the merger of the DSA and VOSA. “Now that the running of the system and enforcement come under one umbrella there are no issues about sharing information and data protection. That means there’s a better chance of weeding out poor training,” he comments.

Improved information should mean that, in future, if a driver gets something wrong, the enforcement officer who’s pulled him over can look at why he got it wrong and what the training provider failed to do to ensure that the driver got it right. It certainly looks like a great way to give all Driver CPC training a more relevant practical, relevant slant.

Alongside this steps are afoot to ensure that all trainers reach similar levels of professionalism and competency too. Talking to industry magazine, ‘Motor Transport’, Ross Moloney, head of Skills for Logistics (SfL), the organisation responsible for raising industry training standards, said: “Working in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport we’ll be launching a qualification testing the competency of Driver CPC trainers.”


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