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Cyclists for Driver CPC?

By: Dave Robbins
12 December 2013

Driver CPCPossibly not intended to be 100% serious, but a suggestion that cyclists should undertake Driver CPC training was one of the comments in the Government’s response to the European Consultation on the effectiveness of Driver CPC.  Over 1,300 people responded to the Government’s survey, which has now been forwarded to the European Parliament. Perhaps, somewhat unsurprisingly, the road haulage industry made up the bulk of comments followed by the bus and coach industry.

In general, respondents were keen to see greater harmonisation across Europe, so that all member states are meeting the same standards as the UK. There was a feeling that too many EU countries were flouting the rules, with drivers simply “buying” a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) without troubling themselves with any training.

When it comes to improving road safety – one of the stated aims of Driver CPC – 750 respondents expressed an opinion. The road haulage and training industry strongly agreed that Driver CPC was having a positive impact. Amongst respondents who disagreed, it was noted that some drivers regarded Driver CPC as an irrelevance and had taken the same course five times as a fast track to their DQC.

And what about levels of professional competence? Has four years of Driver CPC had any impact? Here – particularly amongst driving instructors – there was general agreement that training has improved the competence of vocational drivers.

Interestingly, when respondents were asked to whom the Driver CPC regime of training and qualification should apply, the majority of respondents believe that the Directive should apply to all professional drivers, regardless of vehicle category.

So, where do cyclists fit into this? They were in a list of other vehicle drivers who respondents  suggested should undertake Driver CPC. Also on the list were minicabs, minibuses and rickshaws! Bearing in mind the rising number of cyclists killed in London as a result of traffic collisions, maybe the cycling suggestion isn’t as crazy as it seems.

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