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Coach drivers’ deadline is uncomfortably close

By: Dave Robbins
23 August 2013

Noticed the sound of thundering feet recently? If you have, it’s probably caused by coach drivers involved in a last minute stampede to complete their Driver CPC ahead of 10th September 2013 deadline. And of course that also means that the deadline for LGV drivers is drawing ever closer – now just over a year away – on September 10th 2014.

Figures produced by the DSA suggest that good progress is being made. Last updated in July, they show that 634,000 drivers (that includes LGV and PCV licence holders) are actively involved in training. The downside is that means there are an estimated 120,000 who are not.

Penalties for driving without a blue Drivers’ Qualification Card amount to a lot more than a slap over the wrist. Both driver and operator could incur a £1,000 fine. If convicted, the driver is suspended from driving until training is complete. And, of course, it has a negative impact on an operator’s OCRS.

Traffic Commissioner, Beverley Bell has made it plain that there will be no extension on the deadline. To further confirm this stance, a number of PCV and LGV operators have already faced penalties when they were unable to show that they were making any progress towards training their drivers.

The clear message, for both drivers and operators is that Driver CPC isn’t going away and, more importantly, the sands of time are running out to meet the deadline.

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