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UK HGV truck drivers are the safest, report claims

By: Chris Taylor
27 March 2012

HGV truck drivers have been named as the safest in the UK, followed by cars, vans and buses in a report by fleet driver performance company GreenRoad.

The Worldwide Fleet Driver Performance Benchmark Report, which gleaned a number of motoring habits from both the US and UK, also showed that harsh breaking is the most risky behaviour carried out on the roads - with 43 per cent of drivers being found at fault in this area.

Sharp cornering meanwhile was the second most risky behaviour, found to be present in 39 per cent of those surveyed, according to SourceWire.

Furthermore, in what might be of interest to those putting fleet drivers through their CPC training, January was found to be the most dangerous month for driving; suggesting that other times of the year might be less hazardous.

"Through this data we begin to more clearly understand the factors impacting fleet safety," commented Jim Heeger, the company's chief executive, on

"This is critical to reach the goal that we all share: delivering the best drivers on the road-safe, fuel-efficient and green. Our data will become richer as we continue to expand the report parameters and geographies."

Positively, overall in 2011, drivers improved their driving performance.

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