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Road Transport survey shows industry sentiment to Driver CPC training

By: William Hobson
07 December 2010

One year after the introduction of Driver CPC regulations, more than a third of operators say that the majority of staff in driving jobs at their firm have undertaken their first seven hours of CPC training.

Road Transport's "Trucking Britain out of Recession" survey has shown that most firms have begun the process of sending their drivers on the mandatory CPC training regime, with 36% saying that most or all of their drivers have undertaken the first seven hours of driver training required by the regulations. A further 32% say that their drivers have begun their training though not reached the seven hour milestone yet.

However a similar proportion (32%) of operators report that none of their drivers have undertaken any kind of CPC training - and just 11% of respondents report that more than half their drivers have undertaken their second seven hour section of CPC training.

According to further analysis of the figures, drivers in logistics companies jobs are more likely to have finished their first seven hours of training. Nearly two thirds of all logistics and contract distribution firms reported that all or nearly all of their drivers had done so; by contrast, nearly half of hire and reward hauliers (40%) said they had drivers with no CPC training at all under their belts.

"It is extremely likely that those who have conducted no CPC training have conducted no training at all - and we're not sure which is a more worrying issue," says Justin Stanton of Road Transport.

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