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Over 60s may need to retake driving tests

By: Elizabeth Smythe
12 May 2011

The European Union is considering a move to make driving test re-sits compulsory for senior motorists.

Two studies are have been commissioned and funded by Brussels, examining motoring statistics for the over 60s to determine whether imposing mandatory tests would be justified, something that those hiring drivers may have to bear in mind.

If deemed justifiable, the EU is proposing bi-annual tests for the over 60s and annual tests for drivers aged over 76 years. Who pays for these tests or and/or whether they might be subsidised has not yet been established. 

One test will investigate the claim that medicine may have an influence on driving ability and reactions, thus contributing to road accidents. The Daily Mail reports that although only 16 per cent of drivers in the EU are 60 plus, they account for almost a quarter of all accidents.  

It is expected the results of the surveys will conclude with a revision to the EU Driving Licence Guidelines, no doubt impacting logistics and delivery companies across Britain who employ mature drivers. It is likely that driver training will be required.

The news comes a day after the government proposed its road safety strategy, allowing the police to issue on the spot fines for careless driving. Education and re-tests will be imposed on motorists of all ages, claims The Telegraph, who are caught demonstrating aggressive or thoughtless driving. 

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