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O-licenses carry restrictions that some aren't clear on

By: Deborah Bates
06 June 2011

An expert has warned professional drivers to be aware of the restrictions associated with O-licenses that they might not be aware of.

Writing for Road Transport, Lucy Wood said that often, O-license holders are unaware of these restrictions, particularly as to obtain the license, there is no need to go through formal CPC training.

Despite this, she said, the driver still needs to have "specialist knowledge" and could do worse than to take the CPC training regardless. This training needs to be refreshed every five years, Business Link confirmed, but is useful for anyone driving a heavy goods vehicle.

Wood also suggested that drivers "read as much as possible" in terms of what their license restricts them from doing, and "consider attending a course" to refresh their knowledge.

She also advised that companies who hire drivers with this type of license should "employ a designated transport manager" to help them ensure all drivers operate in full compliance with their individual license. Wood added: "Just because the law does not require restricted operators to have a qualified transport manager, it does not mean they shouldn't have one."

"Whether a transport manager is needed on a full-time or part-time basis will depend on the nature of the work, size and number of vehicles, operator and employee knowledge, and their ability to devote time to ensuring compliance."

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