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Logistics companies urged not to put off CPC training

By: Joe Elvin
22 June 2011

Logistics firms have been advised to administer CPC training to staff as soon as possible to avoid having to park-up vehicles.

New legislation requires all HGV driving licence holders to undertake 35 hours of training by 2014, but a new study has suggested that just one per cent of drivers have completed this so far.

This has sparked fears that drivers will be forced off the roads because they had not completed the required training in time.

John Davidge, who is training manager at a fleet risk management company, claimed that companies should have at least one in ten of their drivers fully trained by the end of the year to avoid the risk of a bottleneck situation.

Speaking to, he added: "Such a small number of companies are coming forward that this looks doubtful and it's becoming increasingly likely that we'll reach a bottleneck."

Steve Palmer, a spokesperson for insurance company Aviva, claimed that costs, recession or high staff turnover could all be reasons why logistics companies are reluctant to get their drivers trained early.

Speaking to, he said that it would be in companies best interests to do so, because CPC-trained drivers waste less fuel and produce less damage to vehicles.

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