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Government pledges support for driver training

By: Laura Nineham
21 December 2010

The government has pledged its support for driver training encouraging everyone who has to drive as part of their job to get involved.

Mike Penning, road safety minister, said it was important to target at-work drivers to encourage them to complete driver training because one in three accidents on the road involve people driving for work.

According to Fleet News, Mr Penning was speaking at the annual Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) lunch, where he told guests that there was an opportunity for the government to work with the IAM.

Mr Penning also called for better driver training for learner drivers, who he said learn to just pass a test instead of how to drive properly. He recently agreed with the IAM's calls for compulsory post-test driver training.

This would help equip younger drivers with the skills and experience to deal with situations they often encounter on the roads after passing and driving on their own. It would give them the experience of driving on rural roads, for example, which many learners don't get but where drivers often experience a higher number of hazards or serious accidents.

Furthermore, Mr Penning reassured drivers that he doesn't support the installation of speed cameras to raise money, but said they help improve safety in accident black spots. "We need to look at where the cameras would work before installing them," he concluded.

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