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Figures for CPC training show industry getting to grips with driver training

By: Laura Nineham
22 December 2010

The Driving Standards Agency has published statistics showing the number of drivers who have completed CPC training, and the high volume of drivers passing suggests that the industry is getting to grips with CPC training.

The statistics show that in the year to September 2010 - the first full year when driver CPC came in for passenger and heavy goods vehicle drivers - 1,459,914 hours of driver training were clocked.

As reported by Road Transport, in the 2010/11 year to date over 1,379,000 hours were logged in CPC training, which equates to 197,000 courses. Sean Pargeter, an expert in driver training, said the figures looked particularly high, adding: "If the figures are correct this is also very encouraging, as this shows maybe the haulage industry is finally getting to grips with the driver CPC."

"Going by these figures we have seen a huge increase in initial and periodic driver CPC training and acquisition in the last three months compared to the entire previous year," added Mr Pargeter. "If these figures are correct then industry should be given a pat on the back. It's early days but let's hope this trend continues."

It was reported earlier in the week that the government pledged their support to driver training in a speech given by road safety minister Mike Penning at the annual Institute of Advanced Motorists lunch.

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