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Effective driver training can reduce damage to fleet vehicles, claims expert

By: Sarah Howard
05 November 2010

When it comes to driver training, middle managers are critical to its success and can influence the process positively or negatively, according to a driver training expert.

As reported by Fleet News, a pilot study of driver training by E-Training World found that if a line manager reinforced the importance of safe driving and driver attitudes, the rate of accidents dropped by 70 per cent. It suggests that the way people manage driver training affects its success and impact on the roads.

Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training World, said: ''If you look at the simple example of a driver having a small knock or scrape in their vehicle due to sloppy manoeuvring or laziness, if the line manager simply pats him or her on the back and says not to worry about it, this sends a terrible message to the rest of their team.''

A change of driver attitude would go far, says Mr Hurdle. An attitude which makes clear that any vehicle damage is unacceptable would result in lower damages to fleet vehicles and embed a much better culture, which can be achieved through effective driver training courses.

Mr Hurdle added: ''My experience tells me that companies could be wasting valuable money and effort by not taking time to communicate to middle managers and get their whole-hearted involvement in this process.''

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